Muti Nation

MutiNation500 Every country has its secrets. Every culture has its taboos. Every house has its cross.

When Esmé Snyders – a young occult-crime expert – investigates a grotesque muti-murder in Pretoria West, she doesn’t realise she’s become a player in the killer’s deadly game. Before long, more savagely mutilated corpses join the tally, proving that the evasive murderer is slipperier than what she’s used to when it comes to muti-killers. While searching for a monster capable of such heinous crimes, Esmé is thrust into a dangerous adventure of love, sex, death and the paranormal. Can she win a game she doesn’t know she’s playing?


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“There’s no other book like this out there – it’s a wild, thrilling and scary ride.” – Dave-Brendon de Burgh, author of the Mahaelian Chronicles

“This fast-paced fright fest is brilliantly written as the author brings thriller and local supernatural folklore to fruition by wonderfully crafting a story with believable characters, emotional highs and lows, inspirational pros, and well written erotic elements.” – Nate D. Burleigh, author of The First

“Muti Nation is a fast paced horror novel that blends elements of the supernatural with a crime thriller seamlessly… This is a novel you have to read.” – Joan de la Haye, author of Fury

“The perfect summer horror read! A cross between Joe Hill and Tana French. With a dash of a modernized Caleb Carr added. I’m a huge fan of folk horror and Monique Snyman does this brilliantly in a fast paced horror/thriller. It’s a must read for all horror fans.” – Skip Shea, director of Trinity

“Absolutely loved this book!” – Melissa de la Croix, blogger at Pretty Messy Melon

“The setting is creepily perfect and Ms. Snyman showcases South Africa at it’s eerie finest. If you like a good dose of fear with your mysteries, Ms. Snyman has you covered!” – Susan Dorsey, author of A Discriminating Death

“A mixed bag of genres – a bit of mysticism, detective work and superstition, this book kept me interested to the final page.” – Jennifer Withers, author of The War Between

“I loved the attention to detail, the references to witch doctors, and all that it involves. I also enjoyed learning more about South Africa and its culture (although the story is fiction), the details about Africa are accurate.” – Sheri A. Wilkinson, reviewer at Juniper Grove

“…I found Muti Nation to be a fast paced, gripping read and I highly recommend it.” – Leigh Sonnekus

“Snyman’s writing has grown so much since that first novel was published and though I’ll always love it Muti Nation has introduced me to the Horror genre with swift ease and a not so gentle kick to the genitals in a totally hot way.” – Coral-Leigh Stuart de Lange, blogger at Cupcake & Fysh